In order to be successful in the implementation of innovative solutions and ideas, or in the conscious planning of everyday operation, an adequate and realistic business plan of key importance. When preparing management decisions regarding complex projects or new concepts it is vital to have a business model backed-up by professional knowledge and including non-financial measures.



  • Excel based business model, specified according to the complexity of the given topic and client needs. This way the important and relevant factors can be chosen and different versions and scenarios can be modeled.
  • Text version business plan based on numerical models supporting management decision making process, and introducing the business environment and used premises. The text version of a business plan can function as a management proposal, investment teaser, or business plan required by financial institutions and banks.
  • Our business model includes the following:
    • balance, P&L and cash-flow plan in compliance with all national (or IFRS if needed) regulations;
    • variable macro-economic assumptions, sales and production parameters, CAPEX and OPEX items, financing methods and ways, and any other parameter upon request;
    • option for sensitivity analysis and scenario analysis
    • effects of the main alterations shown on a dashboard